SACSC RDDA commmendation category C
Client LAHAF (Pty) Ltd
Project size 4 000m² retail area

The design brief was to provide an additional 4 000m2 of retail area, in the heart of the existing shopping centre. The extension includes a 2 700m2 Edgars concept store, as well as eight exclusive line shops housing boutiques, a restaurant and strong national fashion brands, complimenting and strengthening the centre's current fashion offering. The concept is essentially a new retail 'box' with meticulously considered position, proportions, detailing and architectural design elements which all contribute to the success of the building's aesthetics. Elements have been created to inspire a contemporary look, feel and freshness in the design. This has been achieved by implementing current high tech construction materials, finishes and techniques and exciting engineering and architectural features. Each facade has unique elements, working together as a whole. The clean lines of the detailing are simple, elegant and refined. Scale, proportion, construction materials and finishes have been methodically considered and careful attention has being given to all aspects of aesthetics, functionality and ultimately the customer experience.